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What is the best food for yorkie ? Here’s what we know

Yorkies are one of the most beloved breeds of dogs around the world. They have an outgoing personalities and are full of energy. However, they have a small stomach and …

My dog wont lay down, what to do ?

Why does my dog circle me ?

Why do dogs eat worms ?

Best food for morkie puppy – complete guide

Guinea pigs

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How to keep guinea pigs warm ?

Guinea pigs are a popular pet and require extra care to ensure they stay warm and comfortable. Keeping your guinea pig warm is an important part of keeping them healthy …

Can guinea pigs eat leeks ?

Can guinea pigs have strawberries ?


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Can hamsters eat mushrooms ? Here’s what you need to know

Hamsters are widely known for being small, cute, and cuddly animals that make great pets. However, many people are unaware of the fact that hamsters can eat certain kinds of …

Can hamsters eat radishes ?

Can hamsters eat asparagus ? Is it safe ?


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Why do cats fold their paws ? Here’s why

Can cats eat sausages ? Read before you feed

Can cats eat shrimp ? What you need to know

Cat safe herbs – complete guide